Pellet Mill

Pelleting is a process in which mixed feed in powder form is converted into pellets by mechanical compression in combination with moisture and heat. Process is achieved by a set of rolls and die of suitable hole size and shape. As the die & roll rotate, the product passes through the nip of roll and die and pressed into die holes to make pellets.


Today, the process is widely used because of both the physical and nutritional benefits of it. Among physical benefits, we can count - improved ease in handling, reduced ingredients segregation, less feed wastage and increased bulk density..

Nutritional benefits - Decreased feed wastage, reduced selective feeding, decreased ingredients segregation, less time and energy expended on prehension, destruction of pathogenic organism, thermal modification of starch and protein, improved palatability.

Lark introduces well designed Pellet Mills which can compete in international market in terms of quality, controllability, reliability, consistency, energy efficiency, productivity and operator friendliness. All models in our pelleting range comprise the same features.

Pellet Mill With Automatic Lubrication


1. Pellet Chamber or front door is made of corrosion/wear resistant, single wall, heavy duty, SS-304 grade stainless steel for longer life. Hinges on Pellet Chamber may be fitted for left or right opening as per requirement .

2. Fitted with flow eveners or Product Spreader to give better screening effect.

3. Lark Pellet Mills are equipped with V-Belt drive for noise less operation. Heavy Flywheel pulley is provided to cope with sudden variation in load. Power from motor is transmitted through direct coupling to counter shaft arrangement.

4. Proper gap between Die & Rolls is critical to the operation of Pellet Mill. Our pellet mills are equipped with quick, reliable & easy Roller gap adjustment which reduces periodic adjustments.

5. Feed chute which supplies conditioned mash from Conditioner to Pellet Mill Die is also made of Stainless Steel and fitted with powerful magnets to remove iron particles entering the Pellet Mill Die.

6. T-shaft is of alloy steel, forged, one piece without welding joints for higher reliability.

7. All our Pellet Mills are supplied with positive action Shear pin type safety arrangement which stop the Pellet Mill in case of sudden overload.

8. T-Shaft Housing is of split type design for easy & quick removal of main shaft.

S no. Model Die ID Motor Power (H.P) Motor RPM Capacity (MT/Hr) Overall Dimensions
1. LHPM-320 320 50-75 1440 1-3 1750 1660 875 1840 1024 395 418
2. LHPM-420 420 75-120 1440 4-6 2210 2765 1615 2100 1700 395 418
3. LHPM-520 520 180-220 960 8-10 2210 2855 1676 2100 1700 395 418
4. LHPM-600 600 220-270 960 10-12 2210 2855 1676 2100 1700 395 418