Crumbling is the process of breaking pellets in small pieces by passing these through rolls rotating at different speeds having grooves on surface. After the hot pellets are cooled to the ambient teprature, the pellets may require breaking into small pieces to feed day-old chicks and grower flock

Crumbler is equipped with gap adjustment between rolls to get required particle size of feed. One roll is fixed and is driving one while other is moveable for gap adjustment. The movable Roll is spring loaded to protect the rolls from any foreign object coming with feed.

Technical Specification:

S.NO. Model Capacity (MT/Hr) Motor Power (H.P.) Rotary Feeders Motor Power (H.P.).
1 LCR-4 2-4 5 5 H.P.
2 LCR-6 5-7 7.5 1 H.P.
3 LCR-10 8-11 10 1 H.P.
4. LCR-15 14-16 15 1.5 H.P.